Monday, September 7, 2009

Six Shooter Sally's Dont's & Do's

Biker Etiquette

The complete version is now available on Amazon. Below is a free sampling just the tip of the iceberg so to speak of what you can expect to find included in the Amazon version of Six Shooter Sally's Biker Etiquette which includes the Six Shooter Sally's Outlaw Biker Dictionary. I wanted to thank all of you who have visited this page over the past few years for your support and for spreading the word. Hope to meet you on the road some day soon. L & R SSS

Six Shooter Sally’s Don’ts and Do List, Mostly Don’ts
The list just keeps getting longer lately I've been asked a few questions that really blew me away. As they come I will add them to the list. So if you're ready to be startled scroll down.

1.) Never touch, pat or rub a member’s cutoff (colors). They do not like it! Ig

2.) A.) Do not drop names of other members that you think you know?

B.) Because you met a patch holder once dose not make you best friends or confidants and it especially doesn't make you "Brothers".

3.) If you should see the most beautiful motorcycle you have ever seen in your life parked outside of any establishment, do not, I repeat do not sit on it.

4.) Do not address a patch holder as “Bro” or “Brother” unless you are a member.

5.) Never tell a member that his Brother “So-N-so” is an asshole!

6.) Do not address any member by telling him that his “Old Lady” is smoking hot!

7.) Do not insult the club verbally or otherwise (hand gestures count),

8.) Do not ask any club members Lady to dance.

9.) Surprise! Not all club members are drug dealers! alert see rule #9)

10.) A joy ride on a club motorcycle regardless of your reason, who you know, why you were dared etc...

11.) When riding out on the open road Never and I’ll repeat myself Never, pull into a club pack as if you belonged there.

12.) Never and I repeat never interrupt two patch holders when they are engrossed in a conversation.

13.) Always be and act respectful. This is an absolute DO. By following this very simple rule, you will never have a problem with any patch holder no matter where you may roam.

14.)Parking do's and don'ts

(A) Remember it is always important to be courteous when parking your bike; so pay attention.

(B) The optimum word in parking is straight, not sideways, straight!

(C) Corral parking; at events this roped off area is reserved for specific groups basically VIP parking.

15.) Girls, Girls, Girls -

16.) Accidents; They happen and some times they happen to club members.

17.) Ladies Do's and Dont's - Act like a lady and you will be treated like one.

18.) Never and I repeat never ask a three piece patch holder how much it costs to buy a patch!

19.) I get asked a lot about the term biker bitch. Here's the do or don't on that.

20.) I guess the need for this to be spelled out was just a matter of time. Sure you can start your own motorcycle club.

21.) Biker Attire - I get asked a lot about the rules of dressing as a biker; outlaw or otherwise.

22.) Impostors or posers beware. We've all heard about guys that get caught impersonating doctors or even pilots. Well believe it or not there are some foolish guys out there that like to play dress up and pretend they are outlaw bikers. Are you kidding me?

23.) I was recently asked why bikers get laid so easily the question albeit comical is simple really.

24.) I was recently asked what goes on at an outlaw biker club meeting. Really your really asking that!

25.) The question's I have been asked about most recently seem to be on a lot of peoples minds. Why? I have no idea why it would matter to civilians but here goes. The most popular question the past few weeks is what does the "crossed hammer or crossed ball peen hammer pins" mean on an outlaw biker cutoff? Followed closely by where can I buy one? Followed by how much does it cost?

26.) The winner of this weeks question contest is women's biker patches or ole lady patches what are they? Well for starters they are two completely different things so I'll break it down.

A.) Women's biker patches exist unlike fairies.

B.) Ole Lady patches are actually "Property of Patches". This is a cutoff that sports the name of the club and the biker in that club that she is with. Remember not all clubs utilize this outdated tradition but many do such as the "Devils Diciples". The cutoff also clearly states "Property of Whoever". These are not colors it is worn for the protection of the wearer who might be lusted after by some other biker and like garlic to a vampire the property patch will keep him away.

27.) I was just asked a question by someone who was wondering if they would get beat up for wearing a "Son's of Anarchy" t-shirt.

28.) The Mongols don't elaborate on who exactly started their club back in 1969 in East Los Angles near Montebello. However that chapter which they refer to as the "Mother" chapter had fifteen original members although none are named specifically. Their club motto is "Respect Few Fear None"

29.) The question was what club wears a horned devil center patch.

30.) I've been asked this more than once so hopefully this will clear things up a bit. Many outlaw clubs sell clothes mainly t-shirts but they also may sell jewelry fashioned after their motto's but never directly after their patch. You will notice the same is true for the clothing it might say "Support the Big Red Machine" and most people know that represents the Hells Angels but it will never say the name of the club unless the word "support" appears there. It is how they are quickly able to pick out a brother from a supporter. Only actual members will were a club shirt. If they are selling jewelry the same thing will apply. So to answer your question "No" you will not get beat up for wearing a support t-shirt or jewelry sold by any club because that is one way they generate revenue. It wouldn't be smart business to go around beating up people you sold a t-shirt or earrings to now would it? It dosen't happen use your head.

31.) I get this a lot women asking what it means to be a biker's girlfriend.

32.) The question is how do you act like an outlaw bikers ole lady?

33.) This type of question has come up many times and finally I think enough people; women mostly actually want to know. I was asked if all patch holders make their living from criminal activity or do any of them have real jobs?

34.) The question is what other clubs have a Sombrero as a part of their center patch besides the Bandidos? The only other motorcycle club I know is a California club that I hear is growing by leaps and bounds with chapters springing up all around Southern Ca. They are called "Carnales". The word translated from Spanish to English means roughly "Buddy or Chum". It is not a Mexican club it seems many white boys have embraced the philosophy however there are rumors that they are also associated with the Mexican Street Gang La Familia but you know how rumors are. 04/14/11

35.) The question is what do the three holes in the Sombrero on the Bandidos center patch mean?

36.)What happens if an outlaw biker loses his patch?